What’s in Store For IoT in 2023

January 27, 2023
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Private 5G networks, edge data, augmented reality and sustainability will all come into focus in throughout the new year for the Internet of Things (IoT). Each trend bodes well for increased IoT adoption.

Remarkable progress in network infrastructure development has brightened the prospect for IoT adoption soon. IoT has the power to enable businesses to leverage data to make more informed business decisions, advance customer service and experience, improve workplace safety and security, increase productivity levels, and reduce operating costs.

In the face of an expanding range of challenges connected to global production and supply chain management issues, IoT can enable businesses to better manage the intricate webs of production, distribution, and delivery across global supply chains.

For 2023, we see a growing importance of private 5G networks and edge data, as well as more VR/AR use cases and an increased focus on sustainability efforts within the industry.

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