Our Foundation members are laying the groundwork for the next generation of manufacturers.

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Leading the Way:

Automation Alley's Foundation Members are an exclusive group of brands that are leading the world in promoting the fourth industrial revolution by providing solutions, curating the latest digital content, and developing strategic initiatives that are changing the way we do business.

Our network of technology, manufacturing, professional service, academic, and government entities work together to promote a software-first mindset that leverages the intersections of advanced technologies, systems and people around the region through successful technology integration.

Our Foundation Members make an impact through participation in working groups, roundtables, thought leadership, blogs, and white papers with a commitment to shared resolution for the biggest challenges to manufacturing. It is the vision of the members which enables the mission of the whole to be achieved.  This shared vision is the foundation on which we work together to build a stronger future for Michigan.

Foundation Partners

Automation Alley is proud to partner with organizations that are committed to leadership and progress during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Building a Culture of Cyber Resilience in Manufacturing
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