2024 Tech Staffing Trends: 5 Hot IT Hiring Trends and 5 Cooling Off

Karlie Saylor
February 21, 2024
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals will win big in 2024. Meanwhile, on-premise general IT services seem to be waning. Learn more about other IT hiring trends in this guide on staffing in 2024.

The IT hiring landscape is undergoing significant changes in 2024, as highlighted in Motion Recruitment’s recent 2024 Tech Salary Guide. At Vital Tech Solutions, we’re aligning our strategies with these shifts to provide top-notch Tech Staffing and Consulting services. Let’s explore the 5 hot IT hiring trends and 5 trends that are cooling off, incorporating insights from the guide.

Hot Trends in IT Hiring

1. AI and Machine Learning Expertise in High Demand:

Echoing Motion Recruitment’s findings, we’re seeing a surge in demand for AI and ML professionals. AI-tool focused software engineers are witnessing salary increases of 8%-12% due to the high priority of AI spending in companies (45% of tech leaders).

2. Remote Work Skills:

Despite a drop in remote IT job postings, tech workers still prioritize remote opportunities. This shift is significant, as only 28% find it worthwhile to return to the office.

3. Cybersecurity Skills More Critical Than Ever:

With a modest 2% increase in tech salaries and cybersecurity threats on the rise, the demand for cybersecurity professionals remains high.

4. Cloud Computing Specialization:

As businesses continue to embrace cloud technologies, specialists in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are highly sought after.

5. Data Privacy and Compliance:

With tightening global data privacy laws, there’s a growing need for professionals in this field.

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Karlie Saylor
Karlie Saylor

Karlie Saylor is a marketing specialist at Vital Tech Solutions, a top technical consulting and services provider. With a background as Director of Marketing and Sales for various medical diagnostic companies and radiology consulting firms across mid-Michigan, Karlie brings extensive experience and industry knowledge to her role. Her expertise in understanding market trends and delivering successful marketing campaigns has helped clients in a range of industries achieve their business objectives.

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