Natron Collaborates with Clarios on World’s First Mass Manufacturing of Sodium-ion Batteries

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May 24, 2022
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Natron, a manufacturer of sodium-ion batteries, and Clarios, a energy storage solutions provider, have teamed up to manufacturer Sodium-ion batteries in Holland, Mich. Under this agreement, electrodes and large format cells based on Natron’s proprietary Prussian blue electrode sodium-ion chemistry will be manufactured in an existing plant owned by Clarios in Holland.

Natron Energy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of sodium-ion batteries, and Clarios International Inc., the global leader in low-voltage advanced battery technologies for mobility, today jointly announced a strategic agreement to manufacture the world’s first mass-produced sodium-ion batteries.

The Clarios Meadowbrook facility will become the world’s largest sodium-ion battery plant when mass production begins in 2023. This collaboration places the United States at the forefront of sodium-ion battery manufacturing.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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