A Guide on Preventive Maintenance Software

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February 3, 2023
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Preventive maintenance (also known as preventative maintenance) should be on the radar of every manufacturer to adapt. A broad choice of software is available for any machine or operation. Take a deep dive into this technology and how it can help manufacturers be more competitive in Industry 4.0.

Preventive maintenance (sometimes written as preventative maintenance) is a well-known practice in every industry that relies on machinery to get its work done. The strategy, which aims to stop breakdowns before they occur, allows companies to mitigate their risks and strive for peak operational efficiency.

But as the world continues to advance, many are finding that conventional, paper-based methods of preventive maintenance aren't enough. Today's factories, plants and manufacturing facilities have scaled to the point where managing things manually would hurt productivity rather than help it. In response, they're turning to technology, and software in particular, to keep up.

What Is Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive maintenance software is a type of computer program designed to digitize the process of preventive maintenance. It combines various tools to streamline the steps involved, from planning and scheduling to executing and monitoring a strategy. The ultimate goal is to make PM less time-intensive for companies and handle it for them while they focus on more value-added tasks.

Preventive maintenance systems can be set up to operate in several different ways.  

Time-based maintenance: Time-based maintenance uses a calendar-based schedule to increment how often maintenance should be performed.

Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance tools leverage data analysis capabilities to detect inefficiencies in equipment and prompt maintenance before a breakdown occurs.

Usage-based maintenance: Usage-based programs plan equipment maintenance based on the frequency or longevity of their use.

Prescriptive maintenance: Prescriptive maintenance software uses analytics and machine learning to suggest the best course of action for any given situation, taking into account operational data points.

What Does Preventive Maintenance Software Do?

All preventive maintenance systems serve the same greater purpose: to streamline equipment maintenance and render a company's operations more efficient. On a deeper level though, this can mean all sorts of things. Below are just some of the basic functions you could expect a piece of software to address.


Inspection involves the periodic review of equipment for any potential problems. This could include anything from checking for wear and tear to testing performance levels. The idea is to identify any issues before they become too serious, allowing companies to address them quickly and avoid costly repairs or replacements. Preventive maintenance software can help with this by automating inspections, setting up reminders and tracking performance data.


Broken or inefficient pieces of equipment need to be serviced to restore their good working order. Preventive maintenance software enables this through real-time performance monitoring, repair planning features and record-keeping systems.


Accurate and up-to-date reports are essential to help companies keep track of the performance of their equipment. Preventive maintenance software can supply this through comprehensive dashboards and analytics. These tools can provide insight into how their equipment is working, potential issues that need to be addressed and much more.

The ROI of Preventive Maintenance Software

There's no denying the strong benefits that preventive maintenance software is capable of offering. The right system and strategy can deliver on initial investment in a number of ways.

Improved Equipment Performance

With an effective preventive maintenance program in place, pieces of equipment can be tested and serviced on a regular basis, keeping them running smoothly and reliably and avoiding any potential breakdowns.

Cost Savings

As equipment is kept in better working order, companies may see a reduction in their repair and replacement costs. These savings can be reallocated to other areas of the business or invested into further operational growth.

Increased Productivity

With preventive maintenance software in place, tasks like inspection and service are completed quickly and efficiently. This helps to ensure that employees are spending their time on more value-added tasks and not bogged down by mundane but necessary maintenance procedures.

Enhanced Safety

Preventive maintenance systems can detect potential safety hazards and ensure that equipment is free from any potential risks. This is beneficial for both workers and customers, mitigating the chances of any unwanted accidents or incidents occurring.

Better Performance

Ultimately, an investment in preventive maintenance software and the other benefits listed above amounts to better operational performance on a holistic level. With the increased productivity, safety and output that comes with software, companies can gain an edge over their competition and enjoy greater success.

How Manufacturers Can Bring Preventive Maintenance Software Into Their Operations

While the benefits of preventive maintenance software are exciting, it's important to note that they aren't given. Like any piece of technology, preventive maintenance systems must be properly researched and implemented to reach their full potential. This process can vary depending on the specific situation at hand but will generally include the following steps.


No two circumstances are the same, and as such, it's essential that manufacturers fully assess their own before browsing the market for preventive maintenance software. Doing so will ensure that they invest in a tool that fully meets their operational needs without exceeding total budget.


The next step is to research the different types of preventive maintenance software available and find the one that best fits your needs. This should involve a thorough review of the features they offer, and any reviews or testimonials associated with them.


Once the right software is identified and purchased, it must be properly implemented into their operations. This includes training sessions with employees and any necessary revisions to standard operating procedures.


Finally, it's important to frequently evaluate the performance of the purchased preventive maintenance software and the results it's delivering for the company. This will enable any issues to be identified and addressed quickly, and make sure that the software is being used to its fullest potential.

Preventive maintenance software is a must for any manufacturer that wants to stay competitive in Industry 4.0. By taking the time to learn about and invest in the technology now, organizations can get a head start on supercharging their efficiency for a broader work pace that is sure to follow.

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