How Industry 4.0 Technologies Are Transforming the Power and Utilities Industry

Power Technology
February 9, 2023
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Utilizing Industry 4.0's big data and advanced simulations, new operational monitoring technology creates an intelligent ecosystem of data once unforeseen in the power and utilities industry.

Operational Monitoring technology directly observes and controls power equipment and functions to improve plant productivity. This type of smart technology features sensors and software that allow plant operators and managers to collect key system performance metrics at periodic intervals.

Before operational monitoring technology, most power and energy facilities did not have a single solution to monitor every piece of equipment within the plant, making it nearly impossible for operators and engineers to collect and assess performance data. By integrating new digital solutions into the process, Industry 4.0 technology gives plants the capability to:

● track production metrics, such as KPIs and OKRs

● increase workflow visibility

● locate system vulnerabilities and security threats

● enable more sustainable operations

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Power Technology
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