22 notable government cybersecurity initiatives in 2022

October 4, 2022
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Countries across the globe are taking on cybersecurity threats. Here are the most notable initiatives they've introduced in 2022.

Cybersecurity continues to be high on the agenda of governments across the globe, with both national and local levels increasingly working to counter cybersecurity threats. Much like last year, 2022 has seen significant, government-led initiatives launched to help to address diverse security issues.

Here are 22 notable cybersecurity initiatives introduced around the world in 2022.


Israel commits to IDB cybersecurity initiative in Latin America, Caribbean

The Israeli government announced that it will join the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to establish a new cybersecurity initiative, committing $2 million USD to help strengthen cybersecurity capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Israel’s funding would aid in building cyber capacity across the region by giving officials and policymakers access to forefront practices and world-leading knowledge and expertise, the government stated. “The cybersecurity initiative is paving the way for the safe and secure digitalization of Latin America and the Caribbean, one of the key elements for growth in the post-COVID era,” said Matan Lev-Ari, Israel’s representative on the IDB’s Board.


Singapore launches cybersecurity certification program to recognize good security practices

Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency (CSA) launched a new certification program to recognize enterprises that have adopted and implemented good cybersecurity practices. The certification comprises of two cybersecurity marks: Cyber Essentials, which recognizes small and medium enterprises that have put in place cyber hygiene measures, and Cyber Trust, a mark of distinction to recognize larger or more digitalized enterprises with comprehensive measures and practices.

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