IT, Disrupt Thyself: Automating at Scale

May 27, 2022
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What if you transform your IT department from having its feet on the ground to having its head in the cloud? Elevating your common tasks to the cloud, with inherent subsequent monitoring of functionality and security, can free your people to do creative work and high-level AI and ML functions. Deloitte Insights shares how companies like Capital One, UiPath, Anthem, Inc., and ServiceNow are successfully making the journey from managing things, to managing code that manages things. Truly, the sky is the limit!

Future-forward IT organizations are modernizing the “IT back office” to a proactive model of self-service and engineered automation.

There is still an enormous amount of repeatable work done by people in many established organizations. Think of administration, monitoring, reviews, and responding to tickets among other tasks. Over the last decade, cloud vendors have demonstrated how automating processes that remove repetitive work can help increase overall efficiency. Automated processes are consistent and auditable, which can help reduce errors and improve quality. It can also free skilled tech talent to focus on higher value-added tasks.

IT leaders, for various reasons, have been slow to pursue these opportunities. This, however, is beginning to change. In what we recognize as an emerging trend, some CIOs are disrupting their organizations and the army of technologists that currently execute many manual tasks and handoffs across systems, architecture, development, and deployment.

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