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Tech Insurance Company Transforms Electronics Repair Processes with AR

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In the rapidly evolving consumer electronics industry, the constant release of devices poses significant challenges for warranty support and repair operations. Each new model introduces unique hardware, configurations, and repair protocols to the process, making devices more challenging to repair. This added complexity and variability not only hinders productivity but also poses a steep learning curve for technicians, which can lead to inconsistencies and errors.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional repair approaches, and the pressing need to efficiently adapt repair processes across a diverse spectrum of devices, this forward-thinking tech insurance company has embraced projected augmented reality (AR) guidance to overcome these obstacles and keep pace with rapidly changing processes while delivering fast, efficient, and high-quality repair services.


Using LightGuide’s projected AR workflow platform, the company was able to reduce complexity and standardize repair processes by digitizing workflows and providing technicians with precise visual guidance.


This was achieved by overlaying virtual repair guides with visual step-by-step instructions directly onto physical devices, enabling technicians of all experience levels to achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes regardless of the device being worked on.

This highly immersive and interactive form of training was used to certify technicians on devices as new models were released, as well as ensure their ongoing proficiency for devices with lower repair volumes or higher reship rates caused by errors. By eliminating the need for employees to go back and forth from work instructions to the device, quality improved and the ramp up time to proficiency was reduced.

With the ability to customize guidance to the specific device being repaired, the company helped technicians avoid common mistakes that contribute to higher reship rates. Integrations with sensors and vision cameras provided an additional layer of quality control, with the AR software verifying the correct completion of each task before allowing operators to move on to the next step in the process.

As technicians follow step-by-step instructions, the software is also able to capture photos and key operational metrics. This gives the company the ability to generate a certificate of completion that contains a historical record of valuable repair data for each device. Not only did this help improve traceability, it also provided the company greater insight into technician proficiency and potential areas for additional process improvements. This type of performance tracking enhanced quality control measures and enabled the company to provide additional training to technicians with higher cycle times or reship rates, complete with guided tips and tricks for improving performance directly in the workflow.


By embracing projected augmented reality, this leading tech insurance provider has not only streamlined their claims management process but has also enhanced the repair experience for their customers and technicians, setting new industry standards.

The visual guidance provided by LightGuide’s AR workflow platform optimized repair processes and standardized workflows, resulting in better training, improved quality, and increased productivity.

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May 14, 2024
October 18, 2023
INTEGR8 2024
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