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Understanding Implications of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing, Privacy

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May 2, 2022
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Photo by Justin Doherty from Pexels:

Photo by Justin Doherty from Pexels:


The AR manufacturing study pointed to a phenomenon called the productivity dilemma, in which learning about a process decreases as that process becomes more standardized for immediate efficiency. One example is GPS navigation, where step-by-step instructions for a journey don’t allow the user to build the mental model they would create when using a map to navigate themselves. Those conducting the study emphasized they are not trying to discount AR technology, but rather to warn companies to be cautious and aware of how this technology interacts with the people that use it.

New Study Shows How AR Makes Tasks Easier, but Warns of Some Drawback

Recent study shows that augmented reality makes tasks easier, but decreases learning, continuous improvement in manufacturing.

With growing technological advancements driving the progress of virtual reality and augmented reality, a recent study observed behavioral impacts in the applications of AR in a manufacturing setting.

Professor of operations and information management Enno Siemsen co-authored the paper. He said the goal of the study was to observe how AR changes the nature of work for people in manufacturing.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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