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UM-Flint Offers Free Course on Generative AI

November 16, 2023
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UM-Flint created a free online course in summer 2023 on AI Prompt Literacy. Participants from all University of Michigan campuses, Microsoft, Cornell University, Columbia University and more attended. The free three hour course is offered online and can be completed asynchronously.

The transformative potential of generative AI in education is highlighted by its ability to automate mundane tasks, allowing individuals to focus on more meaningful aspects of their work. The UM-Flint AI Task Force discourages a blanket ban on generative AI in coursework, recognizing the impracticality and enforcement challenges of such a prohibition. Instead, the task force suggests establishing clear expectations in course syllabi, defining appropriate tool usage, acceptable methods, and guidelines for giving credit to AI contributions. By elucidating the rationale behind these expectations, educators aim to address the common student query of 'why do I need to learn this?' The incorporation of generative AI into coursework involves creating authentic assessments, ensuring that students not only use AI tools but also critically evaluate and identify any shortcomings in their outputs.

However, the integration of generative AI in education brings forth equity and accessibility concerns. David Luke, chief diversity officer at UM-Flint, warns that AI retains biases from the information it processes, perpetuating stereotypes and misinformation present in the original text. Moreover, the financial investment required for access to generative AI technology and basic AI literacy may exacerbate socioeconomic inequity, contributing to a digital divide. UM-Flint's response to this challenge is the Generative AI Prompt Literacy course, launched in 2023. The course, attracting over 380 learners from diverse backgrounds, including Microsoft and prestigious universities, aims to enhance generative AI literacy and is offered online, providing flexibility for participants with varying schedules.

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In 2021, UM-Flint marked its 65th anniversary, celebrating its position as one of only three campuses of the world-renown University of Michigan. Today, the campus continues to undergo a transformation as it grows academically with new undergraduate and graduate degree offerings, expanding partnerships with local and regional entities and industries, and remains committed to the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion by making an affordable, accessible education possible to the community.

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