Sustain Processes by Anchoring with Digital Technology

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March 23, 2022
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Data analysis can help tremendously on the shop floor. Making changes based on data allows the organization to see better results. However, for data-based technologies to be implemented effectively, the whole organization needs to support the initiative. Read about lessons learned when an organization is not on the same page.

Sustain Processes by Anchoring with Digital Technology

A new process was designed, work instructions were modified, and the staff was trained.

Experience has also shown us that the more complex the process change, the higher probability of failure. Problematic changes may include order management, order to expenditure, sales, and operations planning processes. People tend to prefer ideas and procedures in which they see real value at first glance. If the value of the complete proposal doesn’t jump out at them, they are likely to adopt only the parts they believe will bring immediate value. They will lean toward implementing processes that demand less effort and labor or that will help them meet KPIs that result in bonuses.

Hard experience has shown me that, to ensure lasting benefit, process change must be anchored by digital technology.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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