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Digital Infrastructure Trends to Watch in 2024

January 10, 2024
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More investment in 5G, an emphasis on data security, and an increase in artificial intelligence are some of many digital infrastructure trends to watch in 2024.

Digital technologies and tools can only grow as fast as the infrastructure supports. Emerging technologies and evolving user expectations have led to a skyrocketing increase in digital infrastructure demand. Several key trends have emerged as a result, including growing investments in cybersecurity, a greater focus on high-performance computing, and an increase in artificial intelligence (AI) and the computing that supports it.

We’ll cover what we expect to see next year, and what businesses can do to stay updated on the latest digital infrastructure trends.

What is Digital Infrastructure?

Digital infrastructure encompasses the physical and virtual components vital for creating, storing, processing, and transmitting data. On the physical side, it includes essential elements like data centers, telecommunication networks, and a wide array of computing devices. The virtual side involves the intricate network of data, software applications, and interconnected systems that facilitate seamless communication and operations. Additionally, cloud infrastructure, which offers scalable and on-demand computing resources, has become a cornerstone of modern digital frameworks as it enables:

  • Innovation
  • Connectivity
  • Operational efficiency

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