Quality is Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

May 4, 2023
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Photo by Mastars on Unsplash

Photo by Mastars on Unsplash


The 2023 State of Smart Manufacturing Report from Rockwell Automation iterates that quality is the top-driver in digital transformation in manufacturing.

The demand for continuously improving quality is creating the need to accelerate digital transformation according to 45 percent of respondents, says Rockwell Automation’s latest report on smart manufacturing.

The 8th annual edition of the State of Smart Manufacturing Report from Rockwell Automation, conducted in association with Sapio Research, surveyed more than 1,350 manufacturers across 13 of the leading manufacturing countries.

Quality is Driving Digitalization

This prioritization across the responses from global manufacturers demonstrates how the industry plans to foster growth despite disrupted supply chains and new regulations, while maintaining agility and top-quality products.

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