What to Look for in a Smart Manufacturing Cybersecurity Solution

Automation World
October 7, 2022
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According to a new report, 33% of manufacturers cite cybersecurity and risk mitigation as a major threat to their growth. As factory floors become increasingly connected and cloud-based, how can manufacturers ensure they are staying protected? This article by Automotive World discusses what to look for in a cybersecurity strategy when considering smart manufacturing adoption.

Automotive manufacturers have faced extreme adversity over the last few years, including the sweeping impact of COVID-19 and the continued chip shortage. To combat these challenges, many automotive manufacturers are turning to smarter manufacturing operations. Smart manufacturing adoption grew by 64% year-on-year among automotive manufacturers, according to 2022 The State of Smart Manufacturing: Automotive Edition report. Another 40% of automotive manufacturers have expressed interest or are actively evaluating solutions for smart manufacturing adoption.

Advancements in smart manufacturing have also improved processes and the ability to respond to market adversity, including increasing cyber security threats. In fact, the report found that 33% of all manufacturers cite cyber security and risk mitigation as a major threat to their growth. Automotive manufacturers in particular view smart manufacturing as vital, with 88% saying it is important to future success.

They are right to be wary.  Cyber security threats are accelerating in manufacturing, with the industry accounting for 65% of all ransomware attacks in 2021. Knowing this, 48% of manufacturers are actively monitoring cyber security to minimise risk, but 61% still don’t have a plan in place for operational disruption.

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