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Generating 3D Models From Text With NVIDIA's Magic3D

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April 10, 2023
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Photo by Mehdi MeSSrro on Unsplash

Photo by Mehdi MeSSrro on Unsplash


Using generative AI for 3D modeling a product then manufacturing it additively is a largely untapped avenue for manufacturers. This technology, once locked in the realm of science fiction, is seeing early breakthroughs in testing.

Nvidia, a GPU manufacturer, has announced Magic3D, a generative AI that can produce 3D models from a text prompt.

Generative AI for 3D modeling aids in the conceptualization of components with complex, and organic shapes. Whereas, 3D printing, is an ideal technology for bringing these shapes to life because it is capable of producing complex structures while also being cost-effective.

The results from the annual 3D Printing Industry Executive Survey, show that the automatic generation of 3D models using AI is a hot topic.

Magic3D creates a 3D mesh model with colored texture within 40 minutes. This comes right after the company entered a prompt like “A blue poison-dart frog sitting on a water lily.” The result obtained, with improvements, can be utilized in CGI art scenes or video games. Nvidia outlines Magic3D in its academic paper as a response to DreamFusion, a text-to-3D model released by Google researchers in September 2022. In other news, Physna Inc. created a generative AI prototype for 3D models and scenes in two weeks using 8,000 models.

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