Unlocking Innovation and Delivering New Services Through Digital Transformation

Automation Alley
July 19, 2022
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Jeff Winter, a manufacturing industry executive at Microsoft, is an Industry 4.0 and digital transformation enthusiast, business strategist and avid storyteller. Check out his keynote presentation from Automation Alley's 2022 Integr8 conference to see how you can accelerate innovation at your company by leveraging technology.

Digital Transformation has accelerated as a result of the pandemic as nearly every industry and every company has had to adapt to changing work conditions, market conditions, and environmental conditions.  Those companies that are thriving in this new normal have uncovered new value in leveraging technology to accelerate innovation cycles and deliver entirely new products, services, and even business models.  Imagine fully recovering from this pandemic better off than before it started with entirely new revenue streams that fill the revenue gaps with even greater profitability through new channels. Jeff shares how this can be done through stories of companies who have succeeded.

Automation Alley
Automation Alley

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