Five Benefits of Connected Worker Technology

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
July 14, 2023
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Enhanced visibility, communication, error-proofing, efficiency, and decision making round out the five benefits of connected worker technology. Learn more about how integrating technology into labor can optimize your business.

Connected worker technology is an innovative solution using different digital devices, software, and platforms to build integrated working environments. These solutions improve collaboration among workers and streamline data management. They also ensure adequate availability of technical information for the shop floor and field workers.

The aerospace manufacturing sector can leverage connected worker technology to supplement advanced manufacturing strategies and boost sustainability across facilities and the industry. Connected worker technology’s vital for supply chain management, asset maintenance, production scheduling, employee management, and routine reporting.

Connected worker technology will reach $23.2 billion in 2029, with the aerospace sector banking on advanced technology enhancing asset and worker connectivity, improving manufacturing processes and daily aviation operations.

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Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

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