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3D Printing Opens up New Manufacturing Options for Elite Mold & Engineering

Macomb County Planning and Economic Development
January 29, 2024
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Photo by MCPED

Photo by MCPED


Discover how Elite Mold & Engineering incorporates a DLS 3D printer into their workflow with the help of Macomb County's Department of Planning and Economic Development and a MEDC Industry 4.0 Implementation Grant.

Efficiency, quality, cost.

Regardless of the reason, entry into additive manufacturing and 3D printing has been a game changer for Elite Mold & Engineering Inc.

About a year ago, with the help of Macomb County’s Department of Planning and Economic Development, Elite applied for and received an Industry 4.0 implementation grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. With the $25,000 matching grant, Elite, based in Shelby Township, purchased a DLS printer and accompanying DLS technology. And on Jan. 1, it opened a 280-square foot DLS printing facility.

With a total $300,000 investment over the life of a three-year leasing period, the DLS technology will allow Elite to get parts into customers’ hands 70% faster and 50% cheaper than conventional mold build processes. And the DLS technology allows them to respond to customer project demands in just days, not weeks or months.

“The county generously put it out there to help small businesses like ours to take that leap into the future with new technology,” Elite CEO Paul Patrash said. “Because sometimes it can be cost prohibitive and might not be in the budget or plan. But this definitely helped open the door for us to get into 3D printing and manufacturing as a new technology for our company.

“We’ve been in business since 1982 doing injection molding and tooling. And we saw the future and we decided to invest into it,” he added.

DLS 3D printing, commonly called Carbon DLS, stands for digital light synthesis. DLS 3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing that utilizes light to map printed parts, which subsequently completes a curing process using heat to achieve the intended material properties DLS is notable for its ability to balance design flexibility and speed of production with desirable plastic material properties not obtainable with other types of 3D printing.

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Macomb County Planning and Economic Development
Macomb County Planning and Economic Development

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