Essential Membership: The Free Must-Have for Michigan Manufacturers

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August 9, 2021
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Automation Alley's Essential Membership

In the world of manufacturing, it can feel daunting to determine the right options for your business. You might want to stay on the cusp of new trends, but it can seem like as soon as you’ve implemented a new technology, that it’s become obsolete and the industry is on to the next big thing that will level up their businesses.


This is why it’s so important to have resources and connections at your fingertips—and with Automation Alley’s Essential Membership, you can. With the generous support of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, small and medium-sized manufacturers have the opportunity to join Automation Alley’s network for free.


Who would benefit from an Essential Membership?

Essential Memberships are the perfect foot in the door for small and medium-sized manufacturers who are interested in taking the next step in adopting Industry4.0. There are plenty of reasons that a manufacturer would be hesitant to adopt I4.0 technologies, whether they’re unsure of how to get started or don’t have the financial resources to allocate. Automation Alley is here to show you the way. Our goal is sustainable economic viability in Michigan, where all of us can thrive.


This level of membership is currently only available to Michigan-based manufacturers.


What does an Essential Membership consist of?

Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. Automation Alley helps you make those connections. Essential Members can lean on Automation Alley for understanding, support and guidance on any questions you have about Industry 4.0—whether that’s about increasing revenue, reducing costs or making strategic decisions. Some additional benefits of an Essential Membership include:


  • Attendance at membership-only events, allowing you to share, listen, learn and engage with the country’s foremost experts in digital transformation.
  • Unlimited access to digital subscriptions for your employees, and each year’s annual Technology in Industry Report.
  • Access to the Industry 4.0 Leadership Evaluation, as well as a personalized set of results with actionable recommendations to help you navigate the next step to your Industry 4.0adoption.
  • The ability to track your path with our Industry4.0 Manufacturing Roadmap.

MEDC wants to ensure every manufacturer is I4.0 ready, and we are offering each manufacturer with an Essential Membership one free in-person ticket to Integr8, Automation Alley’s one-day global hybrid conference, being held this October both virtually and in-person at the TCF Center in Detroit. Tickets for additional employees who want to attend are available at a discounted rate of $199.


Why join Automation Alley?

We don’t collect any payment information on our Essential Membership, so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges down the road. The MEDC has prioritized the I4.0 initiative, meaning your membership is free for as long as you’re a member. You also have the freedom to add and change the people attached to your company profile—it can grow as your business does.


“Michigan manufacturers can’t afford to get left behind,” says Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly. “But you don’t have to learn how to navigate our ever-changing landscape on your own. We’re here to help.”


Get an inside look at how Industry 4.0 works and the benefits it can bring to your business. Fill out our application today and let’s get started!

*After this article was published, Integr8 2021 was rescheduled. The mentioned event was Integr8 2022, May 10 at the Suburban Collection Showplace of Novi Michigan.

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