Losing Talent in the Age of AI: Global Survey Finds Businesses Fail to Unlock the Full Potential of their Employees

Kelly Services
June 21, 2024
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How does a company navigate talent shortages in the age of AI? Explore the findings from this Kelly report on the navigating the changing workforce.

TROY, Mich. (June 11, 2024) – Businesses are failing to unlock the full potential of their employees and poor workforce planning is holding back growth for most organizations, a global survey by specialty talent solutions provider Kelly has found. The 2024 Kelly Global Re:work Report reveals executives are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to solve these challenges but struggle to implement digital strategies effectively and neglect to offer adequate training to employees.

The fourth annual global workforce report from Kelly, titled Building a Resilient Workforce in the Age of AI, shows 54% of senior executives say poor workforce planning is impeding business growth and 47% say they are missing business opportunities due to a lack of talent. Four in 10 executives (42%) say they are not unlocking the full potential of their workforce. Workers attribute this failure to their employers, citing a lack of skills development and career progression as their top frustrations. Notably, women say they are at a disadvantage in terms of career opportunities and are more likely to leave their current roles than men (34% vs. 20%).

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Kelly Services
Kelly Services

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