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How AM Can Help Mitigate Supply Chain Insecurities

SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
June 7, 2023
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Additive manufacturing technology can shorten lead times and untangle supply chains. However, in addition to optimization and saving money, it can also make manufacturing more sustainable.

Sustainability is a growing focus for companies around the globe. Like other manufacturers, Trumpf has implemented ambitious strategies to reduce carbon emissions as part of its sustainability initiatives. Another issue facing manufacturers recently has been the supply chain difficulties that have affected shipments and deliveries of food, medicine, and equipment. In manufacturing, frequent delays have been caused by supply chain issues creating a lack of available materials and parts.

The question is, how can manufacturers mitigate issues related to problems with carbon footprint, supply chains, and labor shortages? Additive manufacturing (AM) may be the answer; it has the potential to overcome many of these difficulties. 3D printing by laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition are ideal processes for manufacturing near or at the point of end use. Not only does this shorten lead times, reducing potential supply chain problems, it also reduces carbon emissions. The significant lead time advantage also makes good financial sense.

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SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

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