Automation is at a Tipping Point

Chief Executive
January 23, 2023
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Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash

Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash


A “perfect storm” is brewing between talent hardships, a retiring workforce and enabling technology for automation to sweep the greater industrial landscape. According to the Association for Advancing Automation, the addition of workplace robots increased by 25% in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2022 alone.

Across the U.S. industrial landscape, appendages are whirring like never before. But increasingly, it isn’t eyes, ears, hands, arms and legs that are doing the fabrication but networks of electronic sensors, robot “end effecters,” manipulator arms and electrically powered locomotion devices.

U.S. companies are trying to replace workers with machines at a record pace. Jolted by supply-chain difficulties, the labor squeeze and fast-rising employee compensation, more than ever are embracing the advantages versus the costs of “Industry 4.0” automation technology.

The case for automating in manufacturing is picking up as companies recognize they need to replace low-skill jobs if they’re ever going to make domestic manufacturing cost-competitive. At the same time, the automation wave is sweeping over services businesses too, ranging from restaurants to accounting firms, and is enveloping everything from frying tortilla chips to sorting out invoices to speed payments.

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Chief Executive
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