Food Manufacturing with an Industry 4.0 Twist

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
January 8, 2024
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Learn how food processing deploys Industry 4.0 technologies like AI/ML, Internet of Things, Collaborative Robotics and more.

Manufacturing in Michigan plays an important role in our state’s job market and economy, and one sector contributes even more: food processing. Food processors large and small help us pack, preserve, and share delicious foods across our state and nation. Industry 4.0 technology is making it possible for food manufacturers to streamline operations and enhance quality, yet, for years, adoption of these technologies was slower among food manufacturers when compared to other manufacturing sectors.

However, since the pandemic upended many industries, food processing companies have faced critical staffing shortages that impact production and threaten to stifle growth. Consequently, manufacturers are finding that one of technology’s most important uses is helping them address talent gaps and labor shortages—especially by replacing positions human workers find too dangerous or monotonous to fill. Technological tools are becoming more advanced and adaptable every day and can assist with everything from food preparation and temperature monitoring to packaging. So what are some of the primary technologies transforming the food processing industry?

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Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

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