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Technology in Industry Report Chapter 2 on Additive Manufacturing Now Available

Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley
September 13, 2022
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Chapter 2 of our 2022 Technology in Industry Report dives into the opportunities and challenges associated with 3D printing for advanced manufacturing. Sign up for a digital subscription to access exclusive member content.

3D printing is transforming the manufacturing landscape, shifting our collective thinking about how products are made. Today, additive manufacturing enables the fabrication of customized parts on demand, with unique chemical properties that enable a wide range of material usages including metals, polymers, and resins. As additive manufacturing continues to advance, manufacturers will be faced with important decisions regarding 3D printing that will define their future success..

Automation Alley, the Industry 4.0 knowledge center, exists to help companies of all sizes navigate the digital transformation. In Chapter 2 of our 2022 Technology in Industry Report, we dive into the opportunities and challenges associated with 3D printing for advanced manufacturing. This Report is a collaboration between regional academic and industry leaders and provides a comprehensive look at the current state and future trends associated with additive manufacturing. Chapter 2 includes insight from Fraunhofer USA, HP, Stratasys, Markforged, 3YOURMIND and more. Case studies help you demonstrate technology adoption and ROI while action items are designed to guide you to strategic success.  

As 3D printing continues to mature and improve as a technology, we are seeing a paradigm shift in production as the consumer market demands customizability. Additive manufacturing enables the unique characterization and customizability that traditional manufacturing technologies lack due to the time constraints and costs associated with production. Additionally, additive manufacturing allows for new solutions, through the realization of a complex design that uniquely solves an engineering design previously not accessible.  

Through additive manufacturing, new boundaries will be pushed, and we will continue to move towards an integrated and customizable world with limitless production capabilities.  

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Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley
Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley

Nicole Kampe is Digital Editor at Automation Alley, a World Economic Forum Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for North America and a nonprofit Industry 4.0 knowledge center with a global outlook and a regional focus. Nicole is responsible for the strategy and development of Automation Alley’s digital platform. Nicole builds relationships and collaborates with various internal and external stakeholder groups, including Automation Alley members and partners, to position them as subject matter experts through the development and curation of engaging content around advanced manufacturing and digital transformation. Nicole also leads the development of Automation Alley’s annual Technology in Industry Report and content development around other key organizational positions. Nicole graduated with honors from Oakland University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Nicole has worked at Automation Alley for 10 years, serving previously as Communications Copywriter, Manager of Communications and Media Relations, and Manager of Global Content Strategy and Development. Nicole is an award-winning journalist and worked previously at The Oakland Press as a writer, copyeditor, and page designer, and was honored on multiple occasions by the Society of Professional Journalists. ‍Ask Me About: Blogs, white papers, case studies, video, and other thought leadership opportunities.

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