America’s Bridges, Factories and Highways Are in Dire Need of Repairs. Bring in The Robots.

Wall Street Journal
August 25, 2023
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Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash

Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash


Inspecting the nation’s infrastructure can be a risky business more suited for robots than humans. Advancements in robotics lead to robots that can fly, swim, climb, and crawl, providing precise measurements in hard to reach places.

A growing cadre of tech companies are stepping up to address a massive problem hiding in plain sight: the aging of trillions of dollars’ worth of bridges, tunnels and factories across the U.S.

Our nation’s most critical infrastructure—from pipelines and industrial plants to ships and suspension bridges—is slowly going to pieces, leading the American Society for Civil Engineers to give our infrastructure a C-minus on its most recent report card.

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