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AI in 3D Printing: Advancing From Real-Time Part Monitoring to Deflect Prevention

3D Printing Industry
June 24, 2022
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Photo by Minku Kang on Unsplash

Photo by Minku Kang on Unsplash


Software innovation is enabling AI to improve 3D printing in advanced manufacturing. Although still in its early stages, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are being applied for the improvement of the additive manufacturing process, catching anomalies in real-time and allowing for early intervention. Read more in 3D Printing Industry. 

Kicking things off with real-time defect detection, this article is the first in a series delving into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D printing, as the technology continues to be field-tested in ever more demanding applications to improve the quality of parts, automate the manufacturing process and even operate machines autonomously.

In 3D Printing Industry’s recent Future of 3D printing: experts on the frontier technology to watch survey, AI and Machine Learning (ML) were mentioned by a quarter of all those interviewed, making them the single most talked about technologies. Some respondents lauded them as ‘defining the frontier,’ while others saw them as a basis for “self-directing robots,” but elsewhere, firms like Printpal are using them in the here and now.

“We have an anomaly detection system that runs in the background, and this system can ‘sense’ when something very slight has changed with the printer or if there is an anomaly,” says Printpal’s CEO Peter Lebiedzinski.

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