Automation Alley adds sessions on ChatGPT and Generative AI, Hydrogen, Automotive Design Visualization and more to Integr8 2023 lineup

Dennis Burck
March 27, 2023
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We've been busy securing the best and brightest minds for our annual Integr8 conference. Check out our two newest roundtables on Chat GPT/generative artificial intelligence (AI) and green hyrdrogen's role in a world buzzing with electrification. These two will join many more roundtables, tech talks and breakout sessions to advance all things Industry 4.0.

As Michigan’s Industry 4.0 Knowledge Center, we practice what we preach: agility and iteration. That is why Automation Alley recently added critical sessions on today’s trending topics for academics, manufacturers and tech professionals alike to participate in at Integr8.  

Curious about ChatGPT and the greater role artificial intelligence is playing in our society? We’ve added a new roundtable featuring Microsoft MVP and leading expert in applied artificial intelligence Charles Elwood to Integr8. Curious about the comeback hydrogen is experiencing with greater public funding toward sustainable manufacturing? We’ve added a new roundtable by Fraunhofer USA on green hydrogen's future in a world buzzing with electrification.  

Here’s an in-depth guide to updates in our Industry 4.0 conference lineup:  

NEW ROUNDTABLE — ChatGPT and Generative AI  

There is a reason why Industry 4.0’s eight technologies are called disruptive. Each can revolutionize the way we do business and make products, rapidly evolving the marketplace to change the status quo. Looking forward, 2023 will likely be remembered as the year when artificial intelligence made its power known to the public for the first time. This technology, once confined to classrooms and science fiction, is now dispersed en masse to the general public, creating new opportunities and challenges in its wake.  

As the Industry 4.0 knowledge leader in Michigan’s manufacturing ecosystem, it is our job as Automation Alley to educate and inform members on these trends. This is why we welcome Charles Elwood, Microsoft MVP and leading expert in applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, to present a thought-provoking Integr8 roundtable discussion on how AI language models like ChatGPT will change education and the corporate world.  

Elwood’s session, “Converging Horizons: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges of ChatGPT and Generative AI in Education and Business,” will explore the latest advancements in AI and how they will shape the future of our society. Space and seating is limited. Don’t miss this rare chance to participate and understand how artificial intelligence will revolutionize the fields of business, technology and manufacturing.  

NEW ROUNDTABLE — Green Hydrogen’s Future While Batteries Build Up  

With ESG (environmental, social, governance) goals becoming increasingly prevalent among large and small manufacturers alike, where does hydrogen fit into the fight for sustainable manufacturing and sustainability in general?  

If federal dollars are a signal, green hydrogen will be another key tool in the U.S. arsenal to fight climate change. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 contains over $9 billion in funding to develop technology harnessing the power of the periodic table’s simplest atom.  

Green hydrogen, unlike its polluting siblings blue and gray hydrogen, uses clean electricity from renewable energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower to separate water from hydrogen in a process known as electrolysis.

Learn about the challenges and use cases of green hydrogen from world-renown industry expert Fraunhofer and its group of panelists. The group will discuss how batteries and hydrogen can coexist, use cases of green hydrogen in manufacturing and how to plan or partake in the green energy industrial revolution.  

Keynote Speeches  

“Research, Innovation, and the Transatlantic Model for Successful Manufacturing”  

-Delivered by Fraunhofer USA President Thomas Schuelke  

“Automotive Design Visualization”  

-Delivered by Epic Games Director of UE Business: HMI & Automotive Heiko Wenczel

Other Conference Highlights  

The Smart Technology Exhibition

See the latest advanced manufacturing technologies in action. Meet with some of the leading tech solutions providers and manufacturers shaping the future of Industry 4.0.

3D Printing Pitch Competition

Back by popular demand, the 2023 conference will include an 3D Printing Pitch Competition hosted by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) Pure Michigan Business Connect. The grand prize is a state-of-the-art 3D printer.  

At Automation Alley, we believe information is power. Join us to participate in discussions that go beyond one day. Join us to advance the narrative of manufacturing’s future. Join us on May 9 with an all-access pass to Integr8.

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Dennis Burck
Dennis Burck

As Automation Alley’s Digital Content Editor, Dennis Burck manages Automation Alley's Industry 4.0 knowledge center, building relationships and collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders, including Automation Alley members and partners, to develop and curate engaging content around advanced manufacturing and digital transformation. Dennis provides in-depth coverage, data-driven reporting and on-the-ground feature stories on the Industry 4.0 transformation. Dennis worked previously as a business journalist for The Construction Association of Michigan and as a reporter for The National Endowment for the Humanities.

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