Digital Twin

Advanced Machine Engineering is driving a simulation-driven digital twin

September 22, 2023
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Rahul Garg, VP for Industrial Machinery & SMB Programs at Siemens Digital Industries Software, discusses how a digital thread approach to engineering encourages collaboration among engineering disciplines, leading to a simulation-driven digital twin.

This process adopts a digital thread approach to engineering that allows machine builders to speed up the delivery of future highly complex machines to gain a competitive advantage. Secondly, advanced machine engineering (AME) fosters visibility so machine builders can capture and incorporate design feedback from many internal and external stakeholders. Also, the virtual process, based on simulation and the digital twin, benefits the development and deployment of an advanced machine.

The machinery industry addresses challenges

The industrial machinery industry faces extraordinary challenges, including labor scarcity, supply chain shortages, and entrepreneurial market disruptions. Simultaneously, machine builders must address older legacy processes and technologies hindering growth. These megatrends are causing machine builders to rethink how to respond to changing market demands while optimizing quality to remain competitive.

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