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Adding AI to Supply Chain Management

SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
January 24, 2023
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Atlanta-based Verusen developed an AI to track and analyze supply chains in order to prevent disruptions. Anheuser-Busch is an early adopter. The technology builds a digital profile of a company, analyzing its material use, geographical location and company history to provide insight into supply chain stability.

The bare shelves left in the wake of the pandemic made everyone aware of how fragile a supply chain can be, and how far the effects the disruption it caused can travel. But a new self-learning software promises to prevent this from happening again.

Verusen, an Atlanta-based supply chain materials intelligence provider founded in 2015, has developed an artificial intelligence (A.I.) system that the company says can identify and provide the tools to lower risk, increase inventory visibility, and optimize capital.

Customers are seeing $5 million to $50 million of working capital savings, averaging a nearly 345 percent return on investment, according to Verusen. This is achieved by reducing material redundancy and operational inefficiency, which reduces unneeded spending.

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SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

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