Tackling the labor shortage: Design and Make industry strategies after the Great Resignation

June 27, 2024
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The design and make industries, already facing technological and competitive pressures, now contend with disrupted supply chains and remote work challenges. Learn how to navigate this time with insight from Autodesk.

Companies have faced a number of challenges in recent years. One of the key ones is the labor shortage brought on by the Great Resignation—also known as the Big Quit—during which millions of employees voluntarily left their jobs over the first two full years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But to fully grasp the impact of the Great Resignation, it’s essential to understand the pre-pandemic state of the Design and Make industries. These industries—encompassing architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO); design and manufacturing (D&M); and media and entertainment (M&E)—were already navigating a complex landscape marked by rapid technological advancements, evolving client demands, and a competitive global market. Companies were under pressure to innovate and streamline operations while managing costs and maintaining quality. Employee retention was an ongoing challenge, with firms striving to attract and retain top talent amidst a skills shortage and increasing competition.

The onset of the pandemic exacerbated these preexisting challenges and introduced new ones. The global health crisis disrupted supply chains, halted projects, and forced a sudden shift to remote work. This upheaval set the stage for the Great Resignation, when a confluence of factors led to an unprecedented wave of employee departures.

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