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100+ AI Use Cases & Applications in 2022: In-Depth Guide

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March 7, 2022
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AIMultiple has published an in-depth use case guide with over 100 examples of AI implementation. If you've ever wondered how AI can be applied to your industry, check out this comprehensive database!

AI is changing every industry and business function, which results in increased interest in AI, its subdomains, and related fields such as machine learning and data science as seen below. However, we also note that since COVID-19 outbreak, interest in AI, as measured by Google queries about AI, has been declining. This may be due to increased interest in COVID-19 and its effects during this period. However, this depends on the specific industry and applications, we see increased interest in AI in manufacturing during the same period.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 56% of organizations are using AI in at least one business function. To integrate AI into your own business, you need to identify how AI can serve your business, possible use cases of AI in your business. This article gathers the most common use cases covering marketing, sales, customer services, security, data, technology, and other processes:

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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