Why Talent Tops All In Manufacturers’ Year Ahead

January 12, 2023
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A recent survey by The Manufacturing Institute forecasts a 2.1 million skilled worker shortage for the U.S. manufacturing industry in 2030. With this information, manufacturers today are at an inflection point in history, needing to adapt their cultures and business models to attract the workforce of tomorrow.

From the pandemic to the Great Resignation and remote working, to economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the issues that have beset organizations in recent times are going nowhere in 2023. Yet, as we head into the new year, none should be manufacturers’ top priority. Instead, they must focus on addressing a talent challenge unlike anything we’ve seen in the past.

The numbers are stark. Data from a September AARP bulletin suggests that more than 10,000 workers reach retirement age every day, and as a new wave of younger employees replaces them, it’s creating a huge shift in workforce dynamics. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 63% of frontline workers are excited about the job opportunities technology creates, while 53% of employees are more likely to prioritize health and wellbeing over work than they were pre-pandemic.

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