The White House has released important cybersecurity guidance

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September 19, 2022
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The guidance is an extension of President Biden's cybersecurity executive order from 2021 and includes new requirements for software deployed in federal agencies.

The White House released guidance Wednesday as an extension of a cybersecurity-focused executive order President Biden signed last year.

Biden signed "Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity" on May 12, 2021, outlining plans to modernize the United States' cybersecurity posture and implement technologies like multifactor authentication. One piece of the order referenced plans to provide guidelines for the software purchased and deployed within government networks; Wednesday's memorandum comprises these guidelines.

In a statement posted to the White House website, Federal CISO and Deputy National Cyber Director Chris DeRusha said that while the only criteria of quality for a piece of software used to be whether it worked or not, technology today must be developed in a way that is resilient and secure.

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TechTarget SearchSecurity
TechTarget SearchSecurity

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