The Michigan Opportunity Podcast: Gina Thorsen, CEO and Co-Owner, Jacquart Fabric Products, Home of Stormy Kromer

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
December 23, 2022
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Photo by Every Angle on Unsplash

Photo by Every Angle on Unsplash


The 100-year-old U.P. fabric company Jacquart Fabric Products is a sewn goods manufacturer located in Ironwood, MI. CEO Gina Thorsen joined Michigan Opportunity Podcast host Ed Clement to talk about the fabric manufacturing business, from Stormy Cromer hats to industrial covers.

Join Gina Thorsen CEO and Co-Owner, Jacquart Fabric Products, home of Stormy Kromer hats, and host Ed Clemente, as they discuss this fascinating unique manufacturing and outdoor recreation industry that makes much more than hats. George “Stormy” Kromer, a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer, kept losing his hat on the train. He asked his wife, Ida, to sew an earband on his favorite ball cap to keep his ears warm and the hat snug. They make a wide variety of items, from industrial covers to kids’ playset canopies, under the banner of Jacquart Fabric Products. Plus make sure you get Stormy Hat for your dog as well!

Listen to the podcast here.

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