Nick Davis, Deloitte, Explains The ‘7 Sins’ of The Smart Factory

The Manufacturer
January 25, 2023
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As part of The Smart Factory Expo, Deloitte Industry 4.0 Leader Nick Davis showcased seven pitfalls of smart factory adoption. The showcase primarily highlighted cyber security and the complexity of data and asset connection.

On day one of Smart Factory Expo, Deloitte highlighted the common pitfalls encountered on a smart factory journey and how to avoid them through the ‘7 Sins of Smart Factory’, based on the company’s experience of smart factory transformation.

On day two, Deloitte took a deep-dive into the ‘7 sins’, with a specific focus on cyber security and the complexity of data and asset connection. What an effective organisational change in a smart factory journey looks like was also explored.

Nick Davis, Partner and Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte, sat down with The Manufacturer to explain more.

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