Making Our Planet Smarter With Sustainable IoT Applications

December 13, 2022
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Photo by Ken Friis Larsen on Unsplash

Photo by Ken Friis Larsen on Unsplash


Interfacing the digital and physical world, Internet of Things (IoT) empowers decision makers with the knowledge to adopt more sustainable methods of doing business. This overview showcases IoT technologies applied by sea, air and land.

From smart homes and consumer devices to connected workplaces and complex industrial monitoring, the Internet of Things (IoT) has endless potential. By nature, IoT connects the physical world to the digital world, providing visibility into processes that was not previously available.

As connectivity options become more robust, the world of IoT is no longer limited by geographic constraints. Satellite networks can now connect to existing terrestrial networks, expanding the world of IoT across land, sea and sky. Long range networks have significantly expanded tracking options. When paired with a system of connected sensors, this expanded network potential has created novel opportunities for IoT technology to make our planet smarter.

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