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INTEGR8 2024 PLAYBOOK - The Rise of AI: Shaping Industries Through Intelligent Innovation Foreword

Automation Alley
April 9, 2024
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Automation Alley is proud to present our latest Integr8 2024 playbook on artificial intelligence. This foreword, penned by our CEO Tom Kelly and Walsh College Professor Chris Heiden, navigates the complex opportunities and challenges with the rise of AI. Thank you to all of our members in academia, government and industry that participated.

Is this foreword written by a human, and does it even matter? This is the question everyone must answer now that open-source artificial intelligence (AI) has catapulted onto the world’s main stage.

We are entering a new era of AI technology in our everyday lives, from the media we consume to the products we use. But there are also challenges — fears of job displacement, academic plagiarism, deep fakes, cyber threats and a new degree of misinformation. 

As industry stakeholders, we need to be vigilant of bad actors in AI, and participate hand-in-hand with the government to craft policy that will limit negative incursions while providing companies with the flexibility to invent and capitalize on these new methods. 

We must also take on the responsibility as leadership to train our workforce in these new skills so they may deploy them in a safe and constructive way. It is a human condition to fear what we don’t understand. Let us be inspired by former advances in technology that changed the world. Photography did not kill the art of painting. The vinyl record did not kill the art of live music. AI will not kill the art of communication and production. Instead, it will provide a way to augment production and creativity to new heights. 

However, before that happens, we must do the work to make it so. It starts with defining how we believe AI should be regulated collaboratively. The Biden Administration already laid some initial groundwork in this regard. Moving forward, how can this policy be improved and what are the blind spots? 

Another topic is defining what AI training and literacy looks like in the workforce. Is it as simple as knowing how to use a Large Language Model, or is it now a necessity to understand exactly how the technology functions? Lastly, how can we deploy AI to address areas of need? Can AI be the answer to propping up lagging test scores for students? Can AI lead to the next breakthrough in disease treatment or prevention? Can AI be the answer to helping small businesses navigate new market realities? Can AI transform the manufacturing process from the shop floor to the top floor? 

Let’s answer these questions together. Automation Alley is proud to bring forward leading voices in academia, government and industry to tackle the most pressing issues of our time. We look forward to serving you as a trusted source for information and insight.

Read the Integr8 2024 playbook "The Rise of AI: Shaping Industries Through Intelligent Innovation" here.

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