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INTEGR8 2024 PLAYBOOK - Unveiling the Future: Additive Manufacturing's Evolution and Opportunities

March 20, 2024
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Image by Sean Healey, Automation Alley

Image by Sean Healey, Automation Alley


Stratasys Global Director of Transportation Fadi Abro penned this piece on the additive manufacturing market in 2024. Discover his insight on opportunities in 3D printing and its evolution as part of the Integr8 Playbook on the topic.

In 2024, additive manufacturing is not in competition with traditional manufacturing; instead, it presents opportunities for manufacturers in various sectors such as automotive and aerospace. The integration of additive manufacturing into their processes is poised to enhance efficiency, streamline supply chain operations, bolster security measures, and contribute to a reduction in the manufacturing carbon footprint. The synergy of artificial intelligence and automation is further refining additive manufacturing, making it more precise and faster, facilitating mass production of parts, anticipating industry consolidation, enabling additive companies to scale up rapidly, offering a broader range of materials, and providing improved one-stop shopping experiences. While the industry has predominantly focused on hardware, a shift is expected towards a greater emphasis on software and materials. This shift is likely to broaden possibilities for manufacturers, encouraging them to think more expansively about the potential applications of additive manufacturing.

The industry is currently facing headwinds that are anticipated to pose challenges, particularly in the initial part of the year. This situation is likely to lead to some consolidation within the industry. However, there is a strong position to navigate these challenges. A company that boasts a robust portfolio encompassing hardware, software, and materials, making it easily adaptable and cooperative, will succeed in this climate.

In 2024, significant growth opportunities are anticipated across various industries, particularly driven by advancements in additive manufacturing. The automotive sector is witnessing increased investment in additive technologies, driven by the imperative to create lighter and more efficient vehicles. The electric vehicle (EV) market, in particular, presents a substantial opportunity for additive manufacturing, with noticeable changes already underway.

In the aerospace industry, several airlines are actively pursuing carbon neutrality goals, extending to the manufacturing of aircraft. Integrating additive manufacturing into their processes is viewed as instrumental in helping them achieve these environmental objectives. Furthermore, the defense industry is undergoing continuous evolution in terms of equipment  requirements, spanning from vehicles to the materials used in uniforms. Notably, significant investments from the defense sector are being directed towards additive manufacturing, signaling a continued trend in embracing this innovative technology.

Read the article in full within Automation Alley's Integr8 Playbook on additive manufacturing here.

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