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INTEGR8 2024 PLAYBOOK - Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence Across Industries: A Transformative Frontier

Sebastian Wicklein, Fraunhofer USA
April 10, 2024
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We are proud to feature this article on artificial intelligence by Sebastian Wicklein, Director of Business Development Coordination, Fraunhofer USA, in our latest Integr8 Playbook on AI. Explore his insights in this piece advocating for the importance of innovation partnerships with R&D organizations to grow the technology of AI in the most responsible and useful route for industry.

The progression towards "Industry 4.0," the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), is heavily dependent on artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and real-time data accessibility. This transformative shift elevates the significance of digital technology from previous pilot applications to an industrial-grade level, which enables a holistic approach to manufacturing and theoretically furnishing business managers with deeper insights into every facet of their operations, in real-time, unlocking increased efficiency and flexibility with significant quality enhancements and the optimization of complex processes with data-driven decision making. 

So far so good. At the same time, this paradigm shift presents business managers with apparent investment risks, trepidations, and impediments to implementing this technology successfully, awarding them with sleepless nights and exposing them to executive management having to defend their decisions and actions. What about the competition?

Indian companies are developing the roadmap to adopt digital transformation with 54% of them implementing analytics and AI for business functions, according to a survey by the professional services firm PwC India. Deloitte stated in its survey report about the adoption of AI in manufacturing that 93% of companies believe AI will be a crucial technology for innovation. 

Read this article in full in our Integr8 Playbook "The Rise of AI: Shaping Industries Through Intelligent Innovation" here.

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Sebastian Wicklein, Fraunhofer USA
Sebastian Wicklein, Fraunhofer USA

My mission with Fraunhofer USA is to facilitate meaningful R&D projects and lead the strategic management of technological innovation and technology transfer to focus our R&D efforts on important topics with socioeconomic impact and to increase Fraunhofer USA relevance in the world’s largest and most competitive R&D-market.

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