How SASE Gave a Manufacturing Company the Building Blocks for a Secure Future

August 18, 2023
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Migrating from a standard network to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution is crucial for businesses to stay safe in a business climate increasingly defined by cybersecurity. Learn how a manufacturer navigated this transition and where they are at today in their SASE operations.

Growing a business can be hugely lucrative–but it also brings added risk. As a company merges and acquires others, it inherits new systems, networks, and processes.

Ensuring everything works securely and efficiently can be particularly challenging during growth. Guarding against cyberattacks, whilst improving sustainability as part of a transformation can seem like spinning multiple plates, but it’s never been more important.

This was the situation faced by a UK-based manufacturing business when it contacted Verizon in 2019. The company was a long-time Verizon network customer, but as it grew, its security controls and detection services had become complex, fragmented and difficult to manage. Residual vulnerabilities that had been exploited in previous months and years were laying dormant and waiting to be activated by external bad threat actors. This resulted in several system intrusions, errors, social engineering and ransomware attacks that affected availability and productivity across multiple sites.

In response to these attacks, the business implemented global endpoint protection and rolled out over 140 physical firewalls. But the company it was using to manage its security did not have the global reach needed to maintain a stable, consistent standard and progress security improvement plans across 140+ business locations around the world.

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