Five Aspects of a Successful Agile Transformation for your Enterprise

June 30, 2022
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This month, we're focusing on how software is enabling companies to be more agile, allowing organizations to quickly shift and respond to market demands. In this article, Forbes shares the keys to a successful agile transformation for your business.

Agile methodologies allow companies to quickly respond to market forces and stay ahead of the competition. They help remain fiscally sound, too. But even with the best efforts and investments, many companies do not achieve enterprise agility. A whopping 47% of agile transformations fail.

Agile transformation means embracing the agile principles of collaboration. It’s about adapting to change fast and striving toward customer satisfaction. It’s fairly difficult to pull off on an enterprise level. After all, the transition is not limited to the product development team. It concerns the thinking patterns and work ethics of employees across all departments.

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