Digital Transformation, Not Digital Duplication

June 13, 2023
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Digital transformation and digitization are often confused for the same thing. Learn how each term relates and differs, and how digital transformation is a lifelong pursuit.

Digital transformation is all the rage. Using information and communications technology (ICT) to transform business processes is now a global phenomenon spanning industries and geographic regions.

Organisations have set up their digitalisation departments and created positions such as the Chief Digital Transformation Officer. For guidance, many rely on consulting firms, which happily charge high hourly rates to develop “strategic digitalisation frameworks.”

Many companies start their digital transformation by buying software: Laboratory Information Management (LIMs) systems for R&D, for example, or manufacturing execution systems for factories, plus various types of customer service software.

But what does all this software do? Captures data from business practices, sure. Makes it all permanent, accessible, and sharable – yes.

But will it fundamentally change business practices? Will it, as the consultants like to say, add value to the final product or service?

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