Deloitte Unveils ‘First-of-its-kind’ Smart Factory and Warehouse in Canada

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March 6, 2023
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The Smart Factory @ Montreal symbolizes the power of Industry 4.0 manufacturing for Canada and the world at large. The 9,000 sq ft facility features artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, robotics, internet of things (IoT), big data, cloud and edge applications.

Deloitte Canada has opened what it says is a first-of-its-kind facility showcasing an interconnected ecosystem of more than 20 cutting-edge solutions and technologies and intent on transforming manufacturing and warehousing through digital transformation.

The facility has been named The Smart Factory @ Montreal.

Anthony Viel, CEO of Deloitte Canada, says: “As Canada’s largest professional services firm, we care about the future of the country.

“We believe that projects like this will fundamentally transform our economy – and society – and set Canada on a better path. We are proud to leverage our globally recognized expertise in warehousing and manufacturing to establish this unique and innovative facility."

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Robotics and Automation News
Robotics and Automation News

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