What is Asset Performance Management?

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April 5, 2022
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How is your factory floor performing? Are you at 100%? Well … no. When you ask your factory floor managers, they can show you their notebooks and tell you what they have seen. But they are not there all the time, and they don’t have access to all the data they need. Asset Performance Management (APM) can be the answer. By utilizing external sensors to gather machine and plant data on a constant basis, analyzing that data, and presenting it in a format easily understood by your managers, APM can provide a wide spectrum of insights regarding plant floor efficiency.

What is Asset Performance Management?

Asset Performance Management (APM) is the process of gathering metrics from machines on the production floor and factory, in order to analyze and visualize the performance of manufacturing processes. These metrics are then used to find and solve areas of inefficiency throughout the entire manufacturing facility.

The ability to understand machine performance in order to optimize efficiency has become a vital competitive tool. APM provides this by delivering a flow of real-time data to give a snapshot of the efficiency of the manufacturing operation at any given time.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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