The Challenges of IIoT and How To Solve Them

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April 19, 2023
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Industrial environments provide challenges to all forms of connective equipment. Learn how IIoT components must be resilient, cybersecure and fast in the Industry 4.0 era.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the use of IoT-connected devices and services in tough or harsh conditions and environments such as deep underground in mines, exposed to the elements in solar and wind power installations,  or on construction vehicles or ships. IIoT is often used for tasks such as automation, remote monitoring, or predictive maintenance that are difficult for humans to accomplish because of grueling conditions or distant locations. While IIoT is a subset of IoT, it has its own set of challenges and requirements, and, as is typical of IoT projects, these need to be considered at the start of any project. Let’s take a look at the top five challenges of IIoT and possible solutions.

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