3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing in the Digital Era

September 14, 2022
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Global wind turbine manufacturer Vestas needed alternative ways to improve their overall manufacturing process. With help from Markforged, the company, once dependent on critical subtractive manufacturing tools traditionally sourced from multiple vendors around the world, is now using a cloud-based, AI-powered additive manufacturing digital repository to free up manufacturing processes from relying on outside suppliers, running into unexpected delays, and providing a platform for employees to quickly search for and 3D print any number of composite parts.

If you’ve ever seen a wind turbine, chances are it was manufactured by Vestas. Vestas began in post-World War II Denmark as a small, family-run manufacturer. Focusing exclusively on wind turbine production since 1989, the company designs, manufactures, installs, and services wind turbines across the globe. Today, Vestas is the world’s largest on and offshore wind turbine and wind turbine blade manufacturer. The company has headquarters in Denmark, several regional offices, and 15+ manufacturing plants worldwide.

Read more in Chapter 2: Additive Manufacturing & The Future of Production.


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