Can Manufacturing Technology Enhance Healthcare?

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May 18, 2023
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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Photo by CDC on Unsplash


The healthcare industry can learn from manufacturing about improving its operations. Better downtimes and productivity in healthcare is especially important since instead of making parts, the healthcare industry is saving lives.

Modern enterprises are up against significant pressure to prove their capabilities and demonstrate value. The race to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving technology landscape is forcing innovators to push their boundaries and deliver results that have historically seemed too far-fetched. A major driver of this transformation is the way products are manufactured, which has evolved greatly in a short period.

Intelligent manufacturing places data at the heart of the business. This requires an agile approach to innovation, and the rewards are significant. Research shows that enterprises that successfully implement intelligent initiatives realize 17 – 20% efficiency gains, signaling that the promise of smart manufacturing is not to be ignored.

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