Video: Automation Alley CEO Tom Kelly Talks Industry 4.0 on The Munro Live Podcast

Cory Steuben
May 2, 2023
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Automation Alley CEO Tom Kelly joined Munro & Associates President Cory Steuben on The Munro Live Podcast to talk about the history of Automation Alley, progress of Industry 4.0 and how the manufacturing industry must re-align to be software driven.

Cory Steuben
Cory Steuben

Cory Steuben was appointed President of Munro & Associates in 2020. Early in this role, Cory created the YouTube channel, Munro Live, which quickly became a success. In just 3 short years, Cory’s leadership has brought the channel to over 350,000 subscribers, logging over 700 million impressions and nearly 50 million views, securing Munro Live as a top 1% channel, globally. Cory began his tenure at Munro & Associates as an intern while earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University and has since earned notoriety in the EV world, frequently being featured as a speaker at various automotive shows and venues.

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