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The Role of AI in Meeting Evolving Manufacturing Standards

June 26, 2024
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Automation Alley member DeepHow takes an inside look at how the U.S. manufacturing industry is leveraging AI and technology to adapt to evolving industry standards and regulatory challenges.

The U.S. manufacturing industry, a powerhouse since its rise during the Industrial Revolution in 1820, has endured challenges from the Great Depression to the Great Recession. Today, at a time when business has become more global than local, manufacturers are faced with the ongoing challenge of staying ahead of ever-evolving industry standards and regulations, striving to maintain compliance while optimizing operations.

Consider Anheuser-Busch, a leading beverage company that has long prided itself on quality and tradition. Recently, the leadership team recognized that keeping up with evolving industry standards required more than just hard work and tenacity—it needed a technological overhaul. Navigating a complex and shifting regulatory landscape, managing extensive documentation, and ensuring consistent quality control are daily hurdles. The fast-paced global market demands agility and innovation, compelling manufacturers to rethink traditional approaches.

To meet these advancing challenges, decision-makers and industry leaders are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI). From predictive analytics to AI-powered video training platforms with AI quizzing, like that from DeepHow, the integration of AI in manufacturing not only optimizes operations but also plays a major role in ensuring that firms can keep up with the dynamic regulatory environment.

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